LE KILT ANNOUNCED IN BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund 2018 Shortlist

Le Kilt

For Le Kilt's Sam McCoach, the BFC/Vogue Fashion Fund would mean "education and staff". "I would like to explore new ways of promoting the longevity of clothing through educational workshops - both with school-age children, and partnering with cultural institutions nationwide," she explains. 

McCoach, who founded Le Kilt in 2014 with a vision of modernising the traditional kiltmaking techniques of her grandmother, is on a mission to safeguard the survival of her heritage, and promote buying less, quality garments and making them last. The prize money would grant her wish to "open a small retail space featuring a revolving array of work from textiles to craft all made and sourced in the UK", while the mentorship would throw up some valuable financial advice. "As a small brand it is often a challenge to know which areas to invest in," she clarifies.