The Jewelry Brand was founded by Betty Bogaers in 2009. Betty was inspired to start a Jewelry label because she felt there was a lack of authentic jewelry with visible craftsmanship without use of mechanical techniques. After finishing her education on Artemis Amsterdam she travelled the world to find a matching producing partner to start her own label. The label Betty Bogaers was born. The very first design, an old Dutch coin with a jagged uneven edge and visible handwork is still one of the bestselling pieces. Betty’s love for old coins is visible throughout all collections. Already from the beginning, the brand was a success in the Netherlands in the higher end fashion stores and since a few years also available in Belgium. From 2011 Betty and Jeske became business partners. Jeske with a master in Business Communication was a perfect match with Betty. Betty responsible for the design and product development and Jeske for the marketing and business development. They are both eager and ambitious to grow further and to keep developing and professionalizing the brand. The focus is now to have an international expansion and to develop a Fine 14krt Gold Jewelry line.